Hawaiian Haze

legal buds www.herbal-smoke-shop.com Great legal bud, this was definitely one of my personal favorite. The Hawaiian Haze legal bud is alright for its purpose. After buying an ounce of this sweetie I can tell you that I will come back to this when my experimentation with herbal highs is over. Smoking it is not that harsh, it pleasantly reminds you of some good quality reefer, even its flavor and pleasant aroma resembles of proper chronic's.
Effects are definitely comparable to cannabis, after toking up you I was sure stoned, in a way i feel from weed. Great mental high, your highness. Good quality smoke, give it a try if you can, I can only recommend it and when say that you can take it to the bank cuz I smoked for a few decades now.
This is a great herbal smoke...all natural, no blend of herbs stuck together, I highly recommend Hawaiian Haze buds to ANYONE looking for a friendly smoke that won't disappoint you! I will share more experiences once I get around to it. All I can say is Unbelievable! What a calming and relaxing experience. I plan on trying many different varieties in the near future. It was definitely worth the money. My hats off to legalbuds. No doubt this is my signature herbal high. Happy blazing! Love legal highs!